2 Super Fun Camping Games To Play With The Whole Family

When you’re outdoors, the fun never stops – you can always find something enjoyable or interesting to do. But the case is different when you’re with the whole family, especially if you’re bringing kids along.

While kids are experts at keeping themselves entertained, preparing activities will make your trip an even more unforgettable experience for everyone. Playing games make a great bonding time, too!

Try these super fun camping games to play with the whole family:

Kick the Can

Kick the can is an old but classic outdoor game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It has had plenty of versions over the years, and you yourself can make up your own rules based on the game.

What you need:

An empty can

Open space to play

At least 4 players

How to play Kick the Can:

Place the can in the center of the area where you’ll be playing. Assign someone to be the “It” among the players – he will be the one to “guard” the can. He will then turn around and count to 10 while the other players hide. The goal is for a player to kick the can without getting tagged by the “It”.

The game requires teamwork – one player must be the distraction, making the “It” chase him while another player attempts to kick the can.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is another classic outdoor game that is a staple in summer camps. This game can also be enjoyed by both kids and adults!

What you need:

2 different colored flags (or you can tie a handkerchief to a stick)

Open space to play

At least 6 players

How to play Capture the Flag:

Divide the number of players into 2 teams. Divide the play area into 2 as well, then have each team go into their corner on opposite sides. Each team will hide their flag somewhere in their corner. The goal is to take the other team’s flag and bring it safely to your corner without getting tagged.

When a player attempts to go the other team’s corner and gets tagged, he will have to stay in their “jail”. He can only get out once a member of his team tags him without being caught by the opposing team.

Try these super fun camping games the next time you take a trip outdoors with your family or friends – everyone is sure to have fun!